Home: Dabble's first design looks like a newspaper

The design is pretty simple. This isn't even a newspaper. It's more like a newsletter. It was inspired by Winter's Curse by Mike Roush and by this Perl tutorial. I took the photograph, so please email me if you use the design and/or the photograph.

This page is valid XHTML and valid CSS. It has been tested in Firefox 1.0.7, Opera 8.5 and Internet Explorer 6.

Downtown: The internet is for everyone

I think one of the largest problems on the Internet today is pages with lots of tight and heavy text. And as you see, even copious amounts of text are easy to read on this page. But of course, there is always room for improvement.

The internet is for everyone. Not just the rich people with enough money for high end computers and broadband. I think that's why XHTML and CSS are worth learning. Not everything can be flash. And most sites don't even need to be that complicated.

XHTML/CSS makes a consistent and efficent experience for all internet users great and small.

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